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People We Help with Our Treatment

At ARMT Medical Specialists, we help those individuals who have become dependent on, or addicted to opiate-based medications including, but not limited to:

Oxycontin Vicodin Heroin Hydrocodeine
Morphine Codeine Oxycodone Duragesic Patches
Oxycontin Vicodin
Heroin Hydrocodeine
Morphine Codeine
Duragesic Patches Oxycodone

Opiate Dependency

An individual is generally considered opioid-dependent when two things occur:

  • Repeated opioid use is needed in order to feel good or avoid feeling bad.
  • The opioid use continues in spite of its negative effects. For example, people who are opioid-dependent will feel a need to keep using opioids even if it hurts their health, job, finances, or family.

Common Characteristics of Addiction to Opiates

  • Opioid tolerance (the need to take more drug to get the same effect, or getting less effect from the same amount of the drug);
  • Withdrawal symptoms occur when opioids are not used;
  • Taking other drugs to help relieve the symptoms;
  • Taking larger amounts of opioids than planned and for longer periods of time;
  • Persistent desire or unsuccessful attempts to quit;
  • Spending a lot of time and effort to obtain, use and recover from opioid use;
  • Giving up or reducing social or recreational activities; missing work;
  • Mimicking onset symptoms of depression.

Identifying Signs of Addiction

Addiction is defined as the continued use of a substance in spite of adverse consequences. This loss of control is the hallmark of addiction.

General symptoms of substance abuse disorders include:

  • Evidence of reclusive behavior;
  • Long periods of isolation;
  • Lying or stealing;
  • Involvement with law enforcement;
  • Deteriorating family relationships;
  • Changes in behavior or attitude, such as the onset of depression symptoms.

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ARMT Medical Specialists (Medically Assisted Outpatient Programs):

ARMT Medical Specialists offers four medically assisted outpatient treatment programs. Our treatment programs use a combination of treatment medications and counseling support. Research shows that combining treatment medications with counseling is the best way to ensure success. Listed below is some information about our programs.

Methadone is a rigorously tested medication that is safe and effective for the treatment of narcotic withdrawal and dependence. Methadone is also the most studied drug having been researched for 35 years. Narcotics release an excess of dopamine in the body, which in turn causes users to continuously need an opiate to occupy the opioid receptor in the brain. This is where methadone is extremely helpful. Methadone occupies this receptor and permits a person to change their behavior and to discontinue the use of narcotics. Methadone reduces cravings from opiates and also blocks the high from narcotics such as heroin, but it does not produce the euphoric rush. To learn more about methadone, please visit our FAQ page and/or you may request more information to be sent to you in the mail by visiting the contact page.

Methadone Detoxification (Detox) Program

ARMT Medical Specialists’ Program provides medical intervention through daily dispensing of methadone and counseling support for up to 180 days to opiate addicted individuals so they may reduce their dependency. The program follows a harm-reduction approach to support patients in developing the motivation to become drug-free or free of dependence on illicit drugs. The program is designed to gradually reduce the dosage of methadone with the ultimate goal of being drug-free.

Detox programs are for those people who either have not previously been in a treatment program or who have been dependent on opiates for only a short period of time. Deciding which detox program is right for you is something that will be determined during your visit with one of our physicians.

Short term detox:

This treatment program takes place over a period of 21 days. A short term detox is recommended for those people who have been dependent on opiates for a brief time period.

Long term detox:

This treatment program takes place over a period of 180 days. This program is recommended for those patients with less than a two-year history of opiate use.

Methadone Maintenance Program

ARMT Medical Specialists’ Maintenance Program involves daily dispensing of methadone, supervised urine screens, and long-term outpatient counseling. The goal of the maintenance program is to reduce the dependency of the opiate and replace that addiction with methadone treatment. Motivational counseling, referrals for medical treatment, and education counseling are all part of our program.


Methadone Detoxification and Maintenance Program services include:

  • Physical examination
  • Testing & counseling
  • Daily methadone dispensing
  • Urine drug screening
  • Individual counseling
  • Education on substance abuse
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Referrals to health or social service providers
  • Discharge planning
  • Mental Health Screening

To learn more about buprenorphine, please visit our FAQ page and/or request more information be sent to you by visiting our contact page.